Opulent Art Show

Please join us for a celebration and sale of precious art by local artists working in cooperation on in Sequim.

Contact renne@uniqueasyou.com

Opulent Art Show is produced by Burning Down the House Creative Collective that is a local group of art businesses dedicated to encouraging education, positive professionalism, and creating inclusive and innovative opportunities.

Opulent Art Show Cancelled for Sept 15, 2012

With heavy heart, we are cancelling our special event this September.

We are grateful for all the community support and artists we have had in the past. The Opulent Art Show has in the past four years invited exquisite inspiration, admiration, and celebration of creative talents and mutual respect. We hope to continue to have our event in another format very soon and will keep you posted.

Please contact renne @ uniqueasyou.com for interest in participating next time. The Opulent Art Show is a celebration and sale of precious art by local studio artists working in cooperation including music, food, and wine with friends.

Thank you very much!

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